Changes to non-league football contracts could see families left vulnerable
April 20, 2023

Protection for your family & career

The introduction of new Non-League football contracts will affect the rights and salaries of players who are ill or injured.

In light of the news regarding the major changes to players contracts, the importance of protecting your family and career financially in the event of being unable to work has never been more important.

Under the new contract

If a player suffers a playing injury, they will only receive their full wages for 12 weeks (if a National League National Division player) or 6 weeks (if playing below the National League National Division).

If the player is still ill or injured after this initial period on full wages, the club can reduce their wages to Statutory Sick Pay until they are fit again. Statutory Sick Pay is currently £109.40 per week and is payable for up to 28 weeks.

Could you and your family survive on this in the event of long-term injury or illness?

These new terms will be referred to in the new contract as ‘Club Sick Pay’.

This will automatically apply unless the club agrees that the player should receive their full wages for the full period.

Players also face having their contract terminated, with three months’ notice, if a club-instructed medic feels they are unable to play for four months. It means those with long-term injuries like Achilles ruptures or ACL tears could be released.

Sports insurance (a combination of income protection and fracture cover) offers cover against sporting accidents in a way that most other forms of insurance can’t.

Approver Quilter Financial Services Limited & Quilter Mortgage Planning Limited. 17/04/2023.


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