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At Kind Wealth, our purpose is to help families prosper. We not only care about the future of our clients but also the future of their families and future generations. Therefore, we want to make the financial advice process as seamless as possible, which is why we believe in working with our professional connections to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

The joint effort of financial advisers, legal experts, and accountants ensures that financial advice is not only sound but also provides better outcomes for clients, as we are all on the same page. This teamwork often leads to a more streamlined client experience, as it minimises the need for clients to independently seek various experts.

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When professional advisers like us work with one another, we are not just adding our knowledge together; we are multiplying it, providing clients with a level of insight and service that exceeds expectations.

For the client, this means not just getting advice but receiving an integrated solution tailored to their complex needs. After all, it’s the client’s needs and their future that matter the most.

Understanding the client’s needs

One thing we take great pride in is creating a personalised financial plan, driven by their unique needs and ambitions. Being transparent is essential in building the foundations of a strong and trusted relationship with our clients and we provide them with the tools and resources to make informed decisions. You and your clients can have the confidence that their financial plans are being taken care of.

Sharing of knowledge

We can’t all be experts in everything; that’s why it’s great that we get to share knowledge. Uniting our specialised expertise is a highly impactful strategy and one that we endorse and support. We will take our combined decades of experience in financial advice and couple them with your expertise to benefit the client in the best way possible.

Keeping everyone informed

Nothing stands still, so we check the client’s progress and the appropriateness of their plans regularly. As we meet with the client regularly, we are well-positioned to spot legal and tax opportunities and refer this work back to you to maximise the prosperity of our mutual clients.

frequently asked questions

Can our clients attend your webinars and seminars?

Absolutely. Our webinars and seminars are available to the public. Therefore, if you have clients who would benefit from attending one of our webinars, please share the registration page with them so that they can register and attend.

Do you pay referral fees?

We can pay referral fees to introducers if their regulatory and professional bodies allow them to accept introducer payments. If this is something you are interested in, please speak to us about this.

What areas of law are you experienced in working with?

We are very experienced at working with lawyers from many disciplines. This includes clients of family, corporate and private client lawyers, as well as advising lawyers with their own personal wealth or mortgage concerns.

Will you keep me informed?

Always! We will share any relevant updates and information with you, so long as your client has consented for us to do so.

Can I attend the meetings you have with my client?

Of course! We appreciate that you may charge for your time, so we always advise you to speak to your client and ask them to add you to any meetings they book with us. We will send your client a link that allows them to see our availability and schedule a meeting directly in our diary. Therefore, you will need to speak with your client to confirm a time that you are both available.

I’m looking for advice on my own personal wealth, can you help me?

Absolutely. We are experienced in advising many people working in the professional services industry. Please see our page specifically for people like you seeking advice on their personal wealth here.

Don’t just take our word for it.

In all our negotiations, David has explained things in an easily understood manner, which has made a complex procedure much easier to comprehend. Having never had any experience of the world of finance, I’ve found him supportive and informative.

Susan, Received an inheritance

The whole experience has been professional, friendly and informative. At all times, I could ask the “daft question,” which was really important for me as I was unskilled in this area and needed to trust the person I chose.

Jason, Actively retired

David was very thorough and went through every fine detail regarding my private pension. He gave me lots of guidance and different options. David always went out of his way to help me and is extremely knowledgeable.

Jennifer, Actively retired

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